Raw Irish Heather Comb Honey


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Heather honey, cut straight from the comb. We love heather honey, and it’s a real delicacy. The heather in the Wicklow mountains only flowers for roughly 2-3 weeks per year so its always very reliant on getting good weather for that window. Thankfully this year we had a great harvest and are really proud of this delicious honey.

This honey was produced up in the Wicklow mountains in August. Heather honey been recently studied by Trinity and UCD to show it is comparable to Manuka honey.

Heather honey is requires a lot more work than regular honey. Each year we move the hives up to the heather when it begins to flower (only a two -three week window per year. Heather is generally located in remote hard to reach areas of the mountains which can be difficult to access. The honey is also known as a thixotropic honey, meaning it is like a gel rather than a liquid, and therefore, can not be spun out like regular honey. We either produce it as cut comb or crush it out of the comb and filter it into jars.