Peppermint Extract


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Pure Peppermint Extract - Ideal for Baking and Beverages
Peppermint Extract


Pure Peppermint Extract

Sweet Inspirations

Explore endless possibilities for sweets: cookies, bark, candy canes, ice cream, tea, fruit salads, cakes, and icings.

Savory Infusions

Enhance savory dishes with peppermint’s flair: sauces for lamb, pork, and poultry.

Beverage Bliss

Transform beverages with hot toddies, teas, cocoa, pattinis, and vodka cocktails.

Culinary Tradition

Learn from the ancient Greeks’ medicinal wisdom; add a few drops to hot water for stomach relief.

A Heritage of Healing

Ancient Origins

Discover peppermint’s European roots, dating back almost ten thousand years, cherished for its medicinal properties.

Culinary Evolution

Trace peppermint’s journey from ancient Greek cultivation to its global culinary presence in Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, European, and American desserts.

Napoleon’s Sweet Legacy

Uncover historical preferences as Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife, Marie Louise, cherished peppermint ice cream.


Cane Alcohol, Peppermint Oil.

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