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Higher Nature's Super Osteofood is a comprehensive formula to support healthy bones and teeth.  Combining key nutrients including calcium, magnesium, boron, silica, manganes, zinc, copper and vitamins C, B6 and D, Super Osteofood is the "go-to" supplement for women who wish to support healthy bones throughout life. Moreover, Super Osteofood provides a natural source of calcium and magnesium – namely Lithothamnion calcarea (ossified seaweed) that is well absorbed in the body, as well as additional activated isoflavones from non-GMO sources, which may help contribute to the regulation of hormonal activity.

  • Supports healthy bones and teeth
  • Comprehensive formula including well absorbed calcium from a natural source
  • Ideal for women of all ages
  • Can also be taken by men who wish to support bone health
  • Perfect partnered with vitamin K2
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Take 3 tablets a day.


Three tablets typically provide:

120mg Vitamin C, 10µg Vitamin D2 (400iu), 414mg Calcium, 210mg Magnesium, 3mg Boron, 4mg Manganese, 5mg Zinc, 10mg Vitamin B6, 2000µg Copper, 13mg Silicon, 150mg Red Clover Extract 10:1


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