Organic MyCo-Qi Mushroom – 60 Capsules


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Organic MyCo-Qi Mushroom – 60 Capsules


An organic Reishi supplement combined with the revitalising powers of Cordyceps for energy, performance and vitality.

✓ 800mg Myco-Qi per serving (2 capsules)

✓ Professionally formulated by mushroom experts

✓ Concentrated synergy of spores and fruiting body extract

✓ Free from dairy, soya and gluten and suitable for vegans

✓ Organically certified by the Soil Association

✓ Manufactured in the UK

✓ 100% mushrooms. No fillers, binders or additives

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Our Myco-Qi organic mushroom supplement is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles for enhancing the ‘vital breath’, combining these two revered medicinal mushrooms for maximum benefits to health and wellbeing. Reishi is known as the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’ and even the ‘Queen of Mushrooms’ due to its adaptogenic properties. Reishi spores are the most nutrient-dense portion of the mushroom and are carefully cracked at low temperatures and rolled up to 30 times to extract all the active compounds. We use organic Reishi spores grown and collected in China—the traditional home of Reishi—and grown on duanwood, their native food medium. Growing our mushrooms this way results in mushrooms with a nutrient profile similar to those grown in the wild. We also add hot water-extracted fruiting body of Cordyceps to our Myco-Qi supplement. Known as the ‘Emperors mushroom’, Cordyceps is regarded in traditional medicine as the mushroom for performance and vitality, enhancing resilience to stress. It contains a unique compound called cordycepin and demonstrates high antioxidant activity.

Our mushrooms are grown on select organic farms and cultivated by experts. Finally, all our products are third-party tested to ensure purity of the mushroom strain. We also screen them for contaminants, pesticides and heavy metals, so you can be assured they are manufactured to the highest quality and standards.