MoodMaster – Improves Mood, Reduce Stress & Anxiety


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Improve Overall Sense of Well-being

Alleviate stress, and enhance overall well-being. Crafted under strict European regulations, in collaboration with medical and regulatory experts, MOODMASTER™ boasts ten certified ingredients, ensuring 100% uniqueness, safety, and efficacy.


Ashwagandha Extract [500mg]: Harvested for relaxation, Ashwagandha from India, Africa, and Asia aids stress reduction, enhancing overall well-being.

Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract [205mg]: From West Africa, this extract rich in 5HTP fosters positivity and a sense of well-being.

Baldrian Wurzel Extract [250mg]: Valerian Root Extract, sourced from Eurasia, soothes nerves, reducing stress and tension.

L-Tryptophan [320mg]: Essential amino acid crucial for serotonin synthesis, elevating mood, and combating stress and sleep disorders.

Vitamin D3 [4µg]: Vegan-sourced Vitamin D3 supports a balanced serotonin level, promoting a happier mind.

Vitamin B1 [2mg – Thiamine]: Indispensable for energy supply, Vitamin B1 aids carbohydrate conversion and supports the nervous system and brain function.

Vitamin B6 [2mg]: Critical for metabolism, it regulates hormone action, promotes growth, and ensures proper nervous system function.

BioPerine® [10mg]: Trademarked black pepper extract, BioPerine® optimizes nutrient absorption, enhancing the body’s vital processes.

Vitamin B3 [8mg – Niacin]: Maintain energy levels with water-soluble Niacin, a crucial component of the B-vitamin family.

Magnesium [83mg]: Vital for muscle formation and function, magnesium also plays a key role in nerve impulse transmission.

Directions to Use

Consume two capsules with water. Store tightly closed at room temperature in a dark space. Keep away from young children. This supplement is not a substitute for a diverse diet. Avoid usage during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or alongside antidepressants or MAO inhibitors. If using other medications or having a medical condition, consult your doctor before usage.
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