Laundry Liquid Mint Lemon (in-store refill only)


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Laundry Liquid Mint Lemon (in-store refill only)


Save plastic waste by bringing your own container to store and refilling by the litre.

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Made with organic vegetable oil soap, without enzymes, GMO-free. Washes coloured textiles gently and efficiently. Suitable for outdoor apparel and sportswear. Natural fresh fragrance of organic mint oil and organic lemongrass oil. 100% biodegradable.

Special product feature

The special energy-saving method of saponification, without applying energy, and the use of oils and essential oils from 100% certified organic cultivation are essential quality features of Sonett’s Laundry Liquid Color.

Thanks to the use of citrates and soap in combination, no extra addition of softener is necessary, irrespective of the prevailing water hardness.

Ranges of application

All washable coloured textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp, microfibres such as fleece, Softshell, Goretex as well as fabric blends, from 30–60 °C  (85–140 °F).

Suitable for HE washing machines.