Konjac Sponge Aloe Vera


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The addition of aloe vera to the super soft konjac sponge makes this cosmetic helper a tool to help reduce redness and inflammation in the delicate skin of your face.

Popular in Korea where the konjac root is often grown, konjac sponges are DELICIOUS to use.  Hard when dry, but with even the slightest hint of water, the konjac starch softens and become the softest, most skin-kind and decadent sponge – you will never look at another unsustainable sea songe or cotton cloth once you’ve tried this incredible skincare tool.

Use with water, cleansing milk or cleansing oil, to sooth and cleanse your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and soothed. Rinse and hang and your konjac sponge should last at least 3-6months before becoming an earth friendly part of your home compost.