Holo Kombucha Unpasteurised & Unfiltered (Organic)


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HOLO Kombucha is certified organic, raw, non-gmo, packed with goodness, vegan and delicious.

Refreshing and easy to drink, Holo original kombucha has been crafted in small batches and strictly brewed, bottled and packaged by hand to ensure the highest quality. This keeps the benefits of our raw kombucha alive and healthy!


Filtered purified water, organic green tea, organic black tea, organic sugar, organic cultures.

Can I grow a scoby from a bottle of HOLO?

Yes! Because their kombucha is unfiltered and unpasteurised, it is brimming with life. To culture (grow) a scoby;

  1. Make a small starter of tea and sugar. Use 85g of sugar per liter and 6g tea per liter
  2.  Add starter tea (10% of the total amount) from a bottle of HOLO Kombucha. Swirl up the bottle to get the yeast and any scobies floating. Make sure your kombucha is not above 25 degrees when adding this starter tea or you risk killing the scoby.
  3. Cover your kombucha with some muslin and eleastic to prevent any flies or insects getting in. Put in a warm place (c. 20 degrees celcius) and leave to ferment for at least 7 days. As this is your first batch, it’s probably best to leave for 10-15 days. When a scoby has formed, you should strengthen it by repeating the steps above.
  4. Enjoy delicious kombucha!

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