Gusto Sicilian Lemon Yuzu


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Gusto Lemon Yuzu
Gusto Sicilian Lemon Yuzu


Why mess with the classic? Gusto’s take on lemonade is a quest for less sweetness and more complexity. Tired of overpowering lemon flavors and the aftermath of refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, we reimagined this iconic taste through the Gusto lens.

Enter the finest organic Sicilian Lemon juice, sourced from the lemon’s home, Sicily. To this exquisite juice, we added fresh yuzu juice and the oil from cold-pressed yuzu peel, introducing a gentle, delicate, and wonderfully fragrant layer to the classic flavor.

The journey to develop this simple lemonade took 18 months. Why? It’s all about the ingredients—securing the finest fresh yuzu juice shipped frozen from the farm. This exceptional juice not only brings outstanding flavor and color but also a scent that elevates your senses to new heights.

Sweetening our Sicilian Lemon with yuzu is a blend of Fairtrade agave, Fairtrade apple juice, and a touch of organic grape juice. With fewer than 100 calories per bottle and a low GI, our lemonade won’t send you on a sugar high.

Originally from China and Tibet, yuzu bushes bear small, knobbly, grapefruit-shaped fruit with a taste blending mandarin, lemon, and pomelo. Primarily grown in Japan and Korea, yuzu bushes showcase extraordinary resilience, withstanding even sub-zero winter conditions.

For a light, complex lemonade with a hint of yuzu magic, Gusto Sicilian Lemon With Yuzu awaits your enjoyment.

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