Cyato Espresso


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Variety: Bourbon | Process: Natural  | Altitude: 1850-2200 MASL | Harvest: June 2022 | Producer: Smallholder farmers, Abadatezuka Coop, Cyato Washing Station | Region: Nyamasheke district, Western Province

Fruity and sweet, with notes of orange marmalade, winey fruit & hibiscus.

This is our second year buying coffees from the Cyato washing station and we decided it was time to roast one of their funky naturals for espresso preparations. This exceptional microlot has a sugary sweetness and bright acidity, with lots of tropical fruit flavours and a touch of hibiscus on the finish. The smallholder farmers who produced these beans use no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, helping to preserve the integrity of soils and wildlife in this area of western Rwanda.