Kombucha – Blueberry Mint


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Kombucha – Blueberry Mint


All About Kombucha

Ireland’s Only Carbon Neutral Kombucha Brewery. Serving cans of unpasteurised, LIVE and organic kombucha since 2017 – hand-canned and brewed in Galway, Ireland.

Blueberry Mint Kombucha

Happiness may not grow on trees, but blueberries do + blueberries make us happy! An organic blueberry kombucha that’s good for the gut and good to the planet. So juicy and flavoursome, ripe with antioxidants and live cultures.

Benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha, an effervescent beverage, offers a plethora of benefits that contribute to overall well-being.

As a fermented tea, kombucha is a fantastic addition to a healthy diet, providing a unique fusion of flavors while delivering a powerful dose of beneficial bacteria. These probiotics play a crucial role in supporting gut health, aiding in digestion and promoting a balanced microbiome. By incorporating kombucha into your routine, you not only elevate your enjoyment of diverse foods but also contribute to a more robust immune system.

Fermented Drink of Choice

The fermented nature of kombucha enhances its nutrient profile, making it a standout among other fermented foods. This beverage is a refreshing alternative to sugary drinks, aligning perfectly with the principles of a health-conscious lifestyle. Sip by sip, kombucha fortifies your body with the goodness of tea, fostering a harmonious balance between taste and well-being.

Where to Buy Kombucha in Dublin

You can buy it online on The Hopsack website or visit the physical store in Rathmines, Dublin.