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  • Biodegradable biobag (10litres)
Bio Bag

Biodegradable biobag (10litres)

Our Price: 3.45

Product Description:

CHOOSE BioBag in your kitchen. Make food recycling clean and easy for you and your family.

The BioBag 10 Litre bag is made from vegetable starch and is 100% compostable and biodegradable, A BioBag is breathable which allows moisture in food waste to evaporate. Drier waste significantly reduces unpleasant smells. A BioBag bag acts as an effective barrier to bacteria, viruses, spores and moulds.

BioBag 10 Litre bag is a natural product used to collect food waste  When its full put it straight into a Brown/Organic bin or home composter.

BioBag bags are strong and sturdy.

The BioBag 10 Litre bag is suitable for food bins and/or countertop compost caddy.


  • Fits small household bins (Pedal/under sink bins)
  • Recommended for use with BioBag MaxAir Caddy
  • Average home uses 2 bags per week,
  • 20 bags per roll (100 bags in total)
  • Cost includes delivery
  • 5 rolls per box
  • Size 420mm x 520mm
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