Delayed 2009 greetings!

To all those who know us a very happy new year to you all – and we sincerely hope this year goes a good deal better than the last one. One good tip to help us through the year, according to Phillip Day , a world renowned alternative health expert (most especially in the field of cancer therapies and prevention), is to stop watching Sky News. Now whilst we aren’t endorsing everyone turning into hermits to preserve their mental, and indeed physical health, this advice holds a great deal of credence for those of us who spend too much time worrying about things in the world that are way beyond our control. Apart from sleeping better, when one isn’t watching Sky News just think of the pro-active, community oriented projects we could be engaging in – and there are plenty out there! So let’s try and do our bit in our home town rather than worrying about the various disasters/terrorist attacks/whatever that happen to be carrying on half way round the world – just ask yourself if your Sky News habit makes you feel useful…?

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