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Dabbling in DIY: Sprouting
It is time. Time to grow your own. Whether you live in a mansion or a mud hut there is little more satisfying than watching your babies turning their green shoots to the sun. What am I talking abou...
Rhoda-Mary Health
The Big O(rganic)!
National Organic Week Ireland 2009 is upon us. It runs from 14 September to 20 September inclusive but The Hopsack is offering you lip-smackin' tastings for an entire fortnight! Sweet, eh? Whole E...
Rhoda-Mary Health
Products working overtime
Avoiding The Snip is an art form. Flexible people dodge scissors better, just as hardworking natural products help blunt Snip's edges by turning frugal living into recession chic. The beauteous thi...
Rhoda-Mary Health
Feeling up on cheap stuff...!
Is An Bord Snip pointing its scissors at you? If so, nothing will keep those blades at bay more effectively than looking and feeling fabulous. No cash? Why not invest your last pennies in the kind of ...
Rhoda-Mary Health
Rhoda's Lucky Dip
Guess what! We've managed to cadge four bottles of Viridian Joint Omega Oil to give away! The first four readers who tell us the names of two *spicy* ingredients in Viridian Joint Omega Oil will each ...
Rhoda-Mary Health
 Stressing about exams?
It's a cosmic joke that I should be writing about exam stress. When I was in college I was such a nervous examinee that they used to lock me up (or, more kindly put, deposit me in a room of my own to ...
Rhoda-Mary Health
Doctors are Dangerous!
OK Ҁ¦ I'm not actually saying doctors are dangerous Ҁ“ not all of them, at any rate! Having grown up among old-school medics, I know just how caring and knowledgeable they can be; and having f...
Rhoda-Mary Health
Raw in Dublin
The web site Anyone who knows me knows I've been boring them to death for 20 years on the healing and rejuvenating powers of raw foods, instead of loving them to life with delectable uncooked morse...
Rhoda-Mary Health
SOS! Save Our Supplements! Update
It is now crunch time for saving our supplements. For those of you unfamiliar with the issue, what does 'saving our supplements' mean? The EU Food Supplements Directive (2002/46/EC) proposes to res...
Rhoda-Mary Health
All you need is love (and maca!)
I can't believe it's a full twelvemonth since the Hopsack blog débuted with a tribute to the patron saint of love, San Valentino. The world over, humans have sought saintly and divine intervention ...
Rhoda-Mary Health
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