Wild Nutrition - wild traveller
What did you try? ‘Wild Traveler’ by  Wild Nutrition Had you considered this product before? I hadn't considered it previously, but since I was travelling to Costa Rica, I was...
Nicky Health
Warm aphrodisiac salad
By The Hopsack's Head Chef, Nicky Halliday. This dish is bound to impress your loved one on Valentine’s evening. It’s not too filling and super quick to prepare. I have also inco...
Nicky Food
 Mood-boosting pancakes
Vietnamese pancakes with curried crispy tofu & chilli almond dipping sauce By The Hopsack's Head Chef, Nicky Halliday. This colourful, mouthwatering dish has many nutritional benefits: ...
Nicky Food
African-style quinoa stew
By The Hopsack's Head Chef, Nicky Halliday using our very own peanut butter. Peanuts are a common ingredient in African cooking and are actually a legume, not a nut. Quinoa, although not a c...
Nicky Food
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