The health benefits of water
This month we celebrate ‘Men’s Health Awareness’ week. The theme of 2018’s campaign focuses on the famous words of Astronaut Neil Armstrong - the first man to walk on the moon ...
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Stress & anxiety
A lifetime of raw emotion has given me a well of inner strength and a real empathy with anyone experiencing stress or anxiety.  How we perceive and interpret stress plays a role in how our body r...
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The menopause - a time for change
Growing up I associated being female with an underlying feeling of shame and guilt. One of my first bedtime stories was the story of Adam and Eve - teaching me how we, as a gender, are at the roo...
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Our neighbours in Rathmines - MyMind
We all know that looking after our health is important and whilst physical symptoms can be obvious, psychological issues can creep up on us and become just as detrimental if left unsolved.  So, ...
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All About Oral!
It's in his kiss... My 108th (or thereabouts) internet date had come to an end. As I sipped the last of my drink, I couldn’t help it, my heart sank, he wasn’t ‘the one’. I...
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An interview with John McLoughlin - If you want to change your life
How do I write about my interview with John McLoughlin? How do I do him justice?  His life has been colourful and his abilities to heal others so effective. He has been a part of The Ho...
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January - you got this!
Bring it on! As months go, January is often seen as the worst.  Like Mondays, it is usually dreaded and feared.  Visions of anemic salads and dreary, damp days tied in with the post-party c...
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Nourish your body at Christmas
Let Christmas be a time to thrive... let your body and soul draw nourishment from all the positivity, warmth and love that Christmas can bring about. We all know Christmas can be stressful. So start n...
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Indulge others at Christmas
Indulge Others At Christmas When I was 8, my brother and I were given some money to go and spend on ourselves in town. As we were heading out the door, we noticed our older sister sitting in her room...
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Two babies and a peanut butter machine
From day one when I first started working in the shop, I found the peanut butter machine extraordinary (I still do). I often stood mesmerised watching the butter gently oozing from this Willy Wonka ty...
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