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Grab Your Life Preserver!! (in the form of fermented cabbage)
Ancestral Preservation Meets The Future of Food History of food preservation Fermented food.  Fringe at best. The preserve of hippies and overhyped, anti-ageing, marketing driven food fads, rig...
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Sugar and Spice - Avoiding The Price Of Excess Sugars
Sugar and Spice - Avoiding The Price Of Excess Sugars Well here we are just 14 seconds from the start of January and the chocolate is about to flow back into our lives thick and heavy (the way we lik...
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A Bundle Of Joy - Longevity Learnings From The Cradle
A Bundle Of Joy - Longevity Learnings From The Cradle Oh, to be just like a tiny gurgling, chuckling, pudgy baby.  Just staring up at the world with all its newness, no thought of where we&rsquo...
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One Meal To Rule Them All
One Meal To Rule Them All, The Story of Exogenous Ketones   Fasting and Feasting This Christmas So in exactly 1 week’s time we will all be sitting down to the biggest meal of the year; w...
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Bee A Better Species
Recently after posting on Instagram a photo in which I was roasting pumpkin with lots of spices and honey I received a message - “[Didn’t you know honey is] the most poisoning thing in Ayu...
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Trick or Treat? Finn's Q&A Revisited: Is all sugar bad for you?
Sugar - it’s a sticky mess.  We are told to lay off golden syrup, but maple syrup is fine.  Steer clear of chocolate except the dark stuff OR do we permit the ones sweetened with xylit...
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A Narrowing Understanding Of Nature
A Narrow Understanding Of Nature   I’m not a chemist.  So this can’t be a chemistry class.  But what I understand is what your body understands.  Food is food. When w...
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Collagen - Access your hidden strengths
Collagen - Access your hidden strengths   Strong and stretchy   Where do we get our strength from?  What holds us together? It’s funny how little we know about the ethereal li...
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Longevity now! Anti ageing tips to put life in your years.
There’s an obsession with living longer in this health world.  From the oft quoted Blue Zones - the 7 regions of the world housing the most centenarians on our planet, to the bio-hacking br...
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