Finn's Q&A - heart health
So, for this Q&A we asked Finn one simple, seasonal ‘Q’ - what can be done to improve our heart health?  His ‘A’ is as captivating as ever...       ...
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Finn's Q&A - manuka honey
So we asked Finn to tell us more about the legendary manuka honey, and how it can help us.  It's fascinating.  He and Erica are hosting an event in The Hopsack - Spring Cleaning - T...
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Finn's Q&A - the kidneys
At this time of year we get asked a lot about kidney health. We're not special that way, it's just the season when urinary tract infections (UTIs) run rife.  With the onset of cold weathe...
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Travel Tips For A Healthy Trip
I heard a lady on radio today saying she was diagnosed with gastroenteritis when on holiday in Spain. It got me thinking. A diagnosis of gastroenteritis is the same as a doc saying "Senora, you a...
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These chilli Monday mornings..
Wow it's dark these days! Tough economically speaking we're getting used to that off switch on the radio what still comes as a shock is dragging yourself out of bed in the pitch black and dash...
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Back (to school) With A Bang!
We invited nutritionist and mum Heather Leeson of Positive Nutrition to write a guest blog to help all you mums and dads putting proper fuel into those school lunchboxes. Read what she had to say belo...
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The Essence of Essential Fats
In this article you will learn a little about the structure of fats, what the best sources are, and how to work out what ones you might benefit from taking the most! What are they? Essential fats ar...
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Tried & Tested: Nordic Naturals Omega 3-6-9
"Last month my staff trial was Complete omega oil with vitamin D3.  My daily dose was half up to one tablespoon. I have to say that my skin improved a lot, especially facial. It looks and fe...
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Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream is Kate Middleton's Fav!
Dr. Hauschka’s Skincare Range is loved by people throughout the world including many well known personalities and celebrities who have shared their favourite and must have Dr. Hauschka...
Finn Health
The Bestest for Your Braaaains
Zombies love brains.  It's practically all they can talk about.  Makes for a total yawnfest when you're trying to catch up after a long week of infecting humankind.  Truth is we...
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