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Tried and Tested: Living Nutrition Cognitive
Tried And Tested: Living Nutrition Cognitive   I am going through something of a new 'self-experiment' to work on my focus and energy. I find I can get easily distracted when I'm wor...
Anna O'Sullivan Health
Healthy Gluten-Free Apple and Cinnamon Crumble
Healthy Gluten-Free Apple & Cinnamon Crumble  T'is the season of many things, but warming desserts is definitely one of them.  When its blistery and cold outside there is nothing I...
Kosta Moutsko Food
Bee A Better Species
Recently after posting on Instagram a photo in which I was roasting pumpkin with lots of spices and honey I received a message - “[Didn’t you know honey is] the most poisoning thing in Ayu...
Finn Murray Health
African-style Quinoa Stew
Recipe by The Hopsack's Former Head Chef, Nicky Halliday and using our very own Peanut Butter. Peanuts are a common ingredient in African cooking and are actually a legume, not a nut. Q...
Nicky Food
The Hidden Gem
Taken and adapted from Kathy's Article in 2017, Two Babies And A Peanut Butter Machine I found the peanut butter machine extraordinary from day one working in the shop. &...
Kathy Food
Blog Revisited: Nicky Halliday's 'Mood Boosting Pancakes'
Vietnamese Pancakes With Curried Crispy Tofu & Chilli Almond Dipping Sauce By former Head Chef of The Hopsack Deli and Kitchen, Nicky Halliday, 2008. This colourful, mouthwatering dish has many ...
Nicky Halliday Food
Trick or Treat? Finn's Q&A Revisited: Is all sugar bad for you?
Sugar - it’s a sticky mess.  We are told to lay off golden syrup, but maple syrup is fine.  Steer clear of chocolate except the dark stuff OR do we permit the ones sweetened with xylit...
Finn Murray Food
Tuning In With Our Body Clock - Blog Revisited: 'Emotions and the Chinese Body Clock'
Taken and adapted from Rhoda-Mary's 'Emotions And The Chinese Body Clock' 2008 More than 5000 years ago, while we were busy making healing poultices from cow dung and arsenic (please allo...
Rhoda-Mary Health
A Narrowing Understanding Of Nature
A Narrow Understanding Of Nature   I’m not a chemist.  So this can’t be a chemistry class.  But what I understand is what your body understands.  Food is food. When w...
Finn Murray Health
Collagen - Access your hidden strengths
Collagen - Access your hidden strengths   Strong and stretchy   Where do we get our strength from?  What holds us together? It’s funny how little we know about the ethereal li...
Finn Murray Health
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