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Tried & Tested: Living Nutrition Cognitive
Product Name: Living Nutrition Cognitive Why you chose it: I wanted to take something to help me focus on my studies. I’ve also been feeling foggy-brained and forgetful so I was hoping that thi...
Kiri Health
7 Ways to Boost Energy and Get Rid of Fatigue
With the days growing colder and the effects of the pandemic still impacting our lives, it is only normal even for the most active people to feel out of energy and be taken over by a sluggish feeling....
High Powered Hibernation Foods: What Your Food is Saying to Your Physiology
With just a month and a bit until Santa squeezes his way into our world through a dwindling number of chimneys, many traditions are having to be rethought this year.  What once seemed a given, th...
Finn Health
Chickpea Cookie Dough Bars
This month we have a protein-packed recipe take and adapted from Maya Duncan's blog The Dancing Foody. I was really sceptical of chickpeas in sweet things until I tried these and OH MY they are...
Maya Duncan Food
Natural Remedies and Ingredients to Combat Winter's Colds and Flu
Winter is around the corner, and we all know what that means. It's the season of coughing and scratchy throats. Colds and flu cases are the norms for most people during the cold months, and so is ...
Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We’re right in the bit in between the past and the future, where vision is more precious than ever, where our world’s leaders have less and less to offer in...
Finn Health
Honey Proven to Do More for Your Cough Than Antibiotics
Used in traditional medicine for centuries, honey has finally been recognised by scientists as a better alternative to a more conventional medication when it comes to sore throats, irritating coughs a...
Roasted Sqaghetti Squash with Miso Braised Chard, Chilli Tamari Tofu & Red Quinoa
It’s immensely surprising when you discover the range of squashes, not just in shape and size but in actual flavour and especially texture.  Spaghetti squash is probably the most fun of all...
Finn Food
Finn's Q&A - Will CBD Work For Me?
The Full Spectrum - Cannabinoids and Our Human Experience We’ve avoided talking about CBD much online.  Not because we’re not interested in it or even that we’re unaware of its...
Finn Health
Finn's Q&A - Why Do We Get Sick When We're Stressed Out
We all know it.  Deeply in our bones.  No matter how much doctors dismiss us.  When we feel pain, we are IN pain. When disorders are classed as psychosomatic in that familiar, dismissiv...
Finn Health
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