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Tried & Tested:  Good Green Stuff, Nuzest
Good Green Stuff Nuzest Why you chose it: After a couple of years being ill and struggling with feeding my body properly, I want to work on replenishing it of all the nutrients it needs. And the Good...
Mayra Health
Grab Your Life Preserver!! (in the form of fermented cabbage)
Ancestral Preservation Meets The Future of Food History of food preservation Fermented food.  Fringe at best. The preserve of hippies and overhyped, anti-ageing, marketing driven food fads, rig...
Finn Murray Health
Kosta Makes Decadent Kefir Pancakes
Kefir Pancakes with Cocoa Roasted Apples and Peanut Butter-Scotch Sauce  ~ Makes 21 Pancakes ~ This recipe comes from the East. Traditionally in Russia, they are made with fresh kefir and bread...
Kosta Moutsko Food
Tried & Tested: Ashwagandha
Tried And Tested: Ashwagandha Plus By Wild Nutrition   Why you chose it: I asked a colleague in work what would be best to help me be calm and lessstressed, as January was a stressful month w...
Fionnuala Brady Health
Tried & Tested: Organic Ashwagandha Extract by Viridian
Tried And Tested:  Organic Ashwagandha Extract by Viridian   Why you chose it:  I had heard from a few people how great it was and wanted something to help me manage stress a little ...
Libby Kinneen Health
Tried & Tested:  Good Green Stuff by Nuzest
Tried & Tested: Good Green Stuff by Nuzest   Why you chose it:    Wanted to take a greens supplement as I've been lacking in taking a big dose of veggies lately. This produc...
Anna O'Sullivan Health
Tried & Tested:  Osteo Collagen Supplement by Planet Paleo
Tried And Tested:   Osteo Collagen Supplement by Planet Paleo   Why did you choose this product:  Joints are cracking in a way that feels bad, with simple movements that I ...
Charlotte King Health
Tried & Tested: Liposomal Vitamin C by Porebski Liposome Ltd
Tried And Tested; Liposomal Vitamin C by Porebski Liposome Ltd   I have been using this Vitamin C for four weeks now and so far I am very happy with the results.   I take a teaspoonful o...
Carol Dempsey Health
Tried & Tested: Cherry Night by Viridian
Tried And Tested: Cherry Night by Viridian   Why did you choose this product: I chose this product because I have a poor quality of sleep. How long did you take it: I took a teaspoon e...
Edin Health
Tried & Tested: Ashwagandha Organic Extract
Tried And Tested: Ashwagandha Organic Extract by Viridian   My dosage of this product was taken over a 2 month period and for various reasons.  Firstly I have a very busy mind at the ...
Lisa Kinsell Health
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