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Two babies and a peanut butter machine

Kathy Food
  • Two babies and a peanut butter machine

From day one when I first started working in the shop, I found the peanut butter machine extraordinary (I still do). I often stood mesmerised watching the butter gently oozing from this Willy Wonka type mill.  A wondrous machine, I thought.  Radiating an alchemy and transforming this simple food into something quite magical.

I was often known to brim with enthusiasm to customers. Talking about how we have this magical machine that actually makes peanut butter: “We just put nuts in.. and peanut butter comes out!  nothing else - no oil, salt, sugar.  Nothing. Just air-roasted peanuts and nothing else!”

Most smiled knowingly. Almost all of them already knew and had a jar or two in their basket. I was never a lover of peanut butter and at first resisted the temptation to try it. But, with each jar I sold and every conversation I had, curiosity finally got the better of me, and that was it...boom...I’m a convert  This rich, fresh, creamy, nutty, buttery, goodness is the hidden gem in The Hopsack’s cave of goodies.

But where did the magic start?

Well, the story began 26 years ago, with Erica and Jimmy. They wanted to produce freshly-made peanut butter for the locals. So they brought over a machine from Australia . Some time later, she fondly recalls the scene - herself, Jimmy, two babies and a peanut butter machine - this romantic space - The Hopsack.

With ‘What you see is what you get’ still perfectly embossed on the front of this antique machine, it continues to churn out our beloved, nutritious peanut butter.  It’s hard to believe all of those 26 years - nothing has been added and nothing has been taken away.

A source of  monounsaturated fat, protein, tryptophan, vitamin E, niacin, folate, copper, manganese and antioxidants it is 100% my favourite healthy treat. Whether spread over a slice of toasted rye bread or sandwiched between two slices of apple, nothing offers such a comforting and warm feeling.

Why not try this recipe for an African-style quinoa stew (using our peanut butter) by The Hopsack's Head Chef, Nicky Halliday?

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