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Tried & Tested: Wheatgrass Powder

Eva Du Health
  • Tried & Tested: Wheatgrass Powder

The Hopsackers have been trialling a range of products in the store, to bring you their top picks and honest recommendations. Last month, Eva tried out Amazing Grass Wheat Grass Powder.  Below is her review:

This was a very interesting one, I couldn’t have chosen better if I may say so myself!  This stuff is rocket fuel in a tin.  Deciding that I had to do something about my coffee addiction and at least cut it down, if not cut it out, I decided to try to replace daily caffeine shot with just one little spoon of Amazing Grass's Wheat Grass Powder- be warned this stuff is highly powerful and may make you question why it is everyone’s not replacing a coffee a day with a shot of this!

First off I have to say, that the taste of this wheatgrass is second to none, definitely one of the best I’ve ever tried. Unlike many brands out there, Amazing Grasses Wheat Grass actually tastes fresh and not like a powdered down version of already powdered wheatgrass- this could have a lot to do with the fact that theirs is grown organically in a field (as opposed industrially grown on trays as is often the case these days). Even the colour of their wheatgrass is more vibrantly green! That is the first reason I have fallen in love with their wheatgrass powder.

The second is that, the energy one gets from just one spoon makes me wonder what I was doing all these years drinking coffee as my crutch. I noticed the results pretty much straight away after taking the powder for the first time (mixed into my morning porridge with banana- there’s something just so right about banana and wheatgrass btw). Immediately my energy levels shot up, sort of like I’d had a can of coke but without the ill sugar feeling and all the rest that goes with it. I actually felt like I was on rocket fuel.

And basically the rest is history; I now have a new love. For the past month, I’ve been eating this in perhaps too many of my meals or as a shot mixed in with a little water or juice. One month later it is still providing me with that same energy boost which I had thought may wear away as I got used to it, as caffeine does, but as of yet it still hasn’t. Not only that, but if ever there’s a day that I feel like I’ve ‘OD-ed’ on something not so good or my tummy’s feeling just that bit too acidic, a shot of wheatgrass juice seems to sort it out pretty effectively.

I would definitely recommend Amazing Grass’s Wheat Grass powder to anyone whose looking for that little extra energy boost in life or even just something yummy to mix in with their morning porridge or smoothie. This product is an all-round winner, just perhaps don’t OD on it or give it to your already energetic kids!

Please consult with your doctor before taking supplements or changing your diet, especially if you are taking any medications or have a medical condition.  Some supplements and medications can interact with lethal results.

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