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Tried & Tested: Turmaforte Full Spectrum Wild Nutrition

Sarah Health
  • Tried & Tested: Turmaforte Full Spectrum Wild Nutrition

Turmaforte Full Spectrum Wild Nutrition


Why you chose it: I chose it because I know Turmeric is great for inflammation, I wanted to see if it would help with skin inflammation and also for a recurring pain, I've had with my knee.

How you took it:  1-2 capsules every morning, for the past 3 weeks.

Benefits for you: I really noticed my skin was less inflamed after taking Turmeric, I experienced less redness and it was quite an easy capsule to take. I haven't experienced any pain with knee while taking Turmeric.  Turmeric also eased aches and discomfort felt throughout  my period.

Would you recommend it: Yes, I would recommend it. As I have still have some capsules left over, I will definitely be using this product instead for pain relief instead of using pain killers.


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