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Tried & Tested: Terranova Digestive Enzyme Complex

Becca Health
  • Tried & Tested: Terranova Digestive Enzyme Complex

Product name: Digestive Enzyme Complex by Terranova Synergistic Nutrition

Why you chose it:  I've struggled with bloating and poor digestion for a while now and wanted to see if this product could help ease any abdominal discomfort after large meals, or eating particular foods that often weigh down my stomach and make me feel sluggish.

How long did you take it:  At first I took one capsule before large meals, for me those are usually lunch and dinner, but as my stomach got used to the product I would up the dosage to 2 capsules, especially when eating foods that often cause me discomfort.

Benefits: I honestly really enjoyed this product more than I was expecting. March has been a particularly stressful month, filled with not so great dietary choices on my part due to said stress. I really found this product helpful in reducing bloating significantly, and allowing me to put concerns about my gut  health on the backburner for the time being. It took all the worry out of choosing on the go, quick meals at work as I knew I wouldnt be left feeling sick, sluggish and weighed down during the rest of my shift. I can definetly see this being something I incorporate into my day to day life once I get back on track with normality, but for now it's been a little lifesaver and gives me one less thing to worry about.

Would you recommend it: Definetly, if you struggle with your gut health and digestion, I wouldn't rely on it as heavily as I have this month, but for sure it is a great comapnion to a good diet, and is very useful when you're left in uncertain circumstances with regards to food options. I can't wait to see its effects when I'm back to eating more normally.


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