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Tried & Tested: Revive Active

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  • Tried & Tested: Revive Active

Product: Revive Active

Why you chose it: having just started a new job I was worried about being run down and wanted to make sure my new busy routine wouldn't leave me fatigued. I had a little bit of brain fog and felt sluggish my first week of work and was recommended this product by a co worker.

How did you take it: First thing every morning diluted in water. Every morning without fail.  I noticed the taste at first, but came to really like it (I prefer it diluted in a little more water/bigger glass). It's a little fruity.

Benefits for you: My brain fog has lifted!! Despite a new job, long hours and the emotional stress that has come with the uncertainty of the Corona virus in our lives, I'm feeling alert, present and feel I may have more energy than if I had faced the past month without this daily addition of supplements.

Would you recommend it: Yes. It was easy to remember to take first thing in the morning and I love that it's suitable for vegetarians and vegans! (It's also gluten free!) Obviously I can't know for sure if this product is the sole reason for the maintenance of my energy and not getting run down throughout what was a very challenging month, but I'm sure it played a substantial role!


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