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Tried & Tested: Organic Ashwagandha Extract by Viridian

Libby Kinneen Health
  • Tried & Tested: Organic Ashwagandha Extract by Viridian

Tried And Tested:  Organic Ashwagandha Extract by Viridian

Why you chose it: 
I had heard from a few people how great it was and wanted something to help me manage stress a little better. 
How long you took it:
I took it twice a day with food for the last month. 
How did it benefit you:
I found my mood generally much better after only a few days of taking it.  My concentration and energy levels have noticeably improved.  I feel I can manage stress levels much better than before too. I will continue to take this supplement in the future.
Would you recommend it:
 Yes definetly. I have been recommending it to everyone! 

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