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Tried & Tested: Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

Becca Fisher Health
  • Tried & Tested: Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

Product name: Clean Lean Protein Powder by Nuzest

Why you chose it:  With everything that's going on recently, I've been trying to remain active, even at home and am pushing myself a little further with workouts as I have the free time to do so. All that being said, I'd wanted to try out a new protein powder and now that I'm vegetarian, the Nuzest one seemed like a great fit.

How long did you take it:  I had a scoop of the protein in my morning oats if I was going to be active that day but not necessarily with a specific set workout in mind (as most days I was in work) and had a scoop of it in a post workout smoothie or shake on days when I was home and doing a lot more targeted movement. I started off slow with it as I havent had protein in years and didn't want to upset my sensitive stomach (which this one never did might I add,  as opposed to past experience with whey proteins).

Benefits:  Overall I enjoyed it for working out, but I specifically wanted to touch on the times I used it when I wasn't working out. Now I'm not a big advocate of meal supplement shakes or anything that claims to be a replacement for an actual hearty meal, but I found that adding just a bit of this protein to my breakfast in the morning, fueled me for longer and had me tied over until my lunch break. Now this isn't something that I'd normally need, but due to the chaotic nature of life at the moment, it really has been a life saver with regards to work and surviving the early mornings. It's made post workout recovery a lot easier to handle, and it's agreed with my digestive system like no other. I honestly don't have anything bad to say about this stuff, the taste is glorious (I had the vanilla flavour) and it's been an enjoyable edition to my diet. Looking forward to seeing how it fares with my gym schedule once they reopen.


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