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Tried & Tested: Living Nutrition Your Flora Regenesis

Rachel Schleyer Health
  • Tried & Tested: Living Nutrition Your Flora Regenesis

Product name: Your Flora Regenesis by Living Nutrition

Why you chose it: For persistent digestive issues, I wanted to try a different brand probiotic and I liked this one for having the added benefit of artichoke and chicory as well 35 strains of microorganisms to optimise gut flora and aid digestion.

How long did you take it:  I took it for one month, two capsules in the morning with breakfast.

Benefits:  I found I got quite bloated in the day after taking these capsules from time to time, which could be irritating and cause a great deal of discomfort.  In the past I have been tempted to stop taking probiotics in this case of inconvenience, but was recommended to keep on taking them as it's a good sign of a confrontation between 'good' and 'bad' bacterias.  I persisted and honestly feel that I have gone through waves over the month where my digestion has shown signs of improvement.  

Would you recommend it?  I would definitely recommend it, as when it comes to supplements, sometimes the work is not felt superficially even though they are doing you good.  With this product, I really felt it work and I think taking them long term could only have a positive effect and create long lasting change.


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