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Tried & Tested: Chaga Mushroom Supplement Capsules, Mushrooms 4 Life

Sandra Health
  • Tried & Tested: Chaga Mushroom Supplement Capsules, Mushrooms 4 Life

Chaga Mushroom Supplement, Capsules from Mushrooms 4 Life

Why I chose it: well, for the last few months i noticed that my immunity dropped, like everybody i have few weak points where i noticed that i'm not in best shape. For example i had gynecological problems, more precisely fungal inflammation, very often small colds, few changes on my skin etc.

How long I took it: i'm taking these capsules already three weeks, one in the morning and one afternoon, or before sleep depending on the day.  I still have at least half bottle to take. I don't have inflammation anymore but I also used other remedies. Also I didnt notice any nose leaking and that feeling you get when about to catch a cold, really...!

Would you recommend it : I don't feel any strong influence on mood though, like higher energy level or to feel less stressed, but i would recommend it someone who wants to boost immunity.


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