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Tried & Tested: B Complex Plus Wild Nutrition

Anna Health
  • Tried & Tested: B Complex Plus Wild Nutrition

Food Grown B Complex Plus Wild Nutrition

Why you chose it: I noticed my energy was a bit lacking and my sleep wasn't great. I usually take a b-complex supplement, but over the past 6 months or so I didn't bother. So I decided I should start back on them and see if it makes a difference to my energy, mood and sleep. 

How you took it: two capsules, once per day, after breakfast.

Benefits for you:  I really noticed a difference with these B-complexes. My sustained energy throughout the day was great, my sleep improved (I always take magnesium for that too, but I think the B's helped that lots also!) and I think my mood improved a little bit. I think they're a vitamin I can't really for-go in the future.  

Would you recommend it: Yes, highly recommend the Wild Nutrition B-Complex. I love this brand and company! These are the best B-complexes I've taken. 


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