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Tried & Tested: Ashwagandha

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  • Tried & Tested: Ashwagandha

Tried And Tested: Ashwagandha Plus By Wild Nutrition


Why you chose it:

I asked a colleague in work what would be best to help me be calm and lessstressed, as January was a stressful month with several assignments that needed to be handed in over the course of the month. Ashwagandha was suggested as the product to be most effective.

How long did you take it:

I followed the directions which said to two capsules per day. And that is what I did, once after breakfast and one after my lunch. I was fairly consistent except this last week I forgot to take 2 and only took one.

Benefits for you:

What shocked me the most was how I could feel the effects almost straight away. I had been taking it for a few days and one day I had a massive assignment to get done which I did in 2 days of no sleep consistently working, and taking these twice a day, and to my amazement I didn’t freak out, I stayed calm, I was so focused, my attention span had increased and I just felt like I was able to get my work done without any melt down. And as a result I got the assignment done well, I do put it down to take ashwagandha, because usually I would have a melt down at least once! Also my sleep got better which I was grateful for!

Would you recommend it:

I would 100% recommend Ashwagandha. If you want to stay focused and calm this is the product everyone should use on a daily basis!


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