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Tried And Tested: Living Nutrition Cognitive

I am going through something of a new 'self-experiment' to work on my focus and energy. I find I can get easily distracted when I'm working on my web/graphic design stuff and my aim is to change this so that I can stay focused and enthused about the different jobs I'm doing and applying myself to. That's why I started taking Living Nutrition Cognitive to help with my attention and focus, mostly towards my studies but in other areas of my life too.

 I've been taking Cognitive for a few weeks now with a varying dosage every day. Because some days when I'm sitting down to blast out a good bit of work I'll take three capsules, but on other days when it doesn't seem as necessary to have due focus on attention towards something in particular, I'll take just one to two capsules in the day.

It may be placebo effect (though I doubt it) but I think this supplement is really helping me to stay focused and motivated to keep going on my different tasks. I will definitely recommend it to others who are looking for the same thing. This would especially suit students going through exams or people facing tough work deadlines and looking for that extra bit of support to help with concentration and consistent amounts of energy.


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