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The health benefits of water

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  • The health benefits of water

This month we celebrate ‘Men’s Health Awareness’ week. The theme of 2018’s campaign focuses on the famous words of Astronaut Neil Armstrong - the first man to walk on the moon - when he said: ‘...one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind’.  

What could your one small step to improve men's health be?

Often in the store we hear from customers who are suffering from tiredness, anxiety, constipation, a sluggish brain - all looking for a supplement to help fix their problems. It is always interesting that a common factor, once we start to delve deeper,  is the lack of water in their diet. So often, no supplements are really needed... just add water!!

It is our one primary piece of advice for all men (and women) - if you were going to make one small step to improve your health.

Drink enough water - stay hydrated

It makes sense as we are born around 90% water, and we spend our lives slowly drying out, and we can’t go much more than 3 days without water in some form. It is the at the heart of life - vital for all cells to properly function, it's also the basis of all the chemical and metabolic functions of the body. It is both physically and spiritually important, a precious substance that we should not take for granted - a healing and life giving wonder.

How to drink water

  • At room temperature (it is more easily absorbed, so the body rehydrates faster)
  • Not fizzy, unless naturally so (research show’s sparkling water may damage the bones, stomach and teeth)
  • Separately from meals (it dilutes the concentration of vital digestive juices)
  • Up to a minimum of 1.5 litres per day, at regular intervals (more may be needed depending on exercise, heat, etc…) this may include herb teas, and juices, but not traditional tea or any coffee.  Actually, come to think of it - make sure you get a glass of water EXTRA each time you drink tea or coffee.

The benefits of water

Relieves anxiety and heightens mood - anxiety stems from the kidneys, so the kidneys need to stay hydrated! When your body is sufficiently hydrated it functions more effectively and allows you to enjoy life more - improving your mood.

Relieves fatigue and gives energy - dehydration is one of the most common causes of fatigue. It is often the last thing people consider. Water is necessary for transporting nutrients, chemical and metabolic reactions, regulation of body temperature and brain function, etc... so is a no-brainer that your energy will be reduced if you're dehydrated. Your brain needs water to produce melatonin (the sleep hormone) and due to insomnia, fatigue can also kick in for this very same reason.

Improves brainpower - even 1.36% dehydration can increase the perception of task difficulty. Our brains are 73% water! This water is used to allow electrical signals to travel through it. So, it loses its ability to function effectively when there is a lack water. Short attention span today?  Reach for a glass of H20 :)

Eliminates waste - water is responsible for breaking down molecules in the body, and releasing their energy. The toxic waste is then excreted out from our bodies. Waater is also absorbed from our stools through the colon, it is essential to drink sufficient fluid to offset this and prevent constipation.

Improves gut health - the gut is a long wet tube, which needs water to help it remain slippery so it can digest our food and assimilate nutrients. The gut is responsible for our overall well-being!

Boosts immune system - apart from maintaining a healthy environment for your body to function effectively, water helps to produce white blood cells and lymph to support a strong immune system.

Helps to prevent cramps and injuries - keep joints and muscles lubricated by drinking sufficient water and decreasing the chances of suffering cramps or sprains. It is important when suffering from arthritis to also keep hydrated, it may reduce the severity of the problems.

Improves skin's appearance - the skin is 64% water and is the last organ in the body to receive water and nutrients. Dehydrated skin can look dry, flaky and dull. Dry skin has less resilience and so can be more prone to wrinkling. Water also improves both circulation in the body and the removal of waste, improving the skin's complexion. So drink up!

A key factor in my father in law’s improved general well-being was his increase in daily water intake. This is another reason I wanted this to be our one piece of advice for everyone (men especially) for this month :)


(FYI - if your urine colour is any darker than hay, you are dehydrated!)


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