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Is Your Dog's Dinner The Cat's Whiskers?

Rhoda-Mary Health
  • Is Your Dog's Dinner The Cat's Whiskers?

It all started with Lily. A beautiful border terrier, Lily battled with itchy skin and ears and painful earaches. Sensing her processed dog food wasn't helping, but unable to tell her folks, she went on hunger strike to make her point. Her human uncle, Bob the Vet, got the message. To quote terminally ill actor Richard Harris, as he left The Savoy on a stretcher, 'It was the food!'

Lily's mama, Henrietta, decided to take her mutt's discerning tastes more seriously. She examined Lily's food and found that what looked like chunks of meat were highly processed, mechanically recovered parts of unidentified animals, mixed with flours, leftovers and grease, pushed through a moulding machine and chopped to look like meaty chunks. Preservative-laden gravies and jellies completed the brew. She could understand why Lily might object. So Henrietta decided to cook Lily's food from scratch using natural ingredients. The transformation in Lily's health was remarkable. Her skin stopped itching, her earaches abated, her coat grew healthy and shiny and she no longer had bad breath. She also tucked into every meal with relish.

Lily's Kitchen

Henrietta knew she had to share their secret. She sought out a team of vets and nutritionists to help create dog and cat fare from natural ingredients our grannies would have called 'food'. Lily's Kitchen: Proper Food for Pets was born and Lily applied for (and got) the job of Chief Taster. If a recipe fails to meet Lily's rigorous standards, it is binned.

Meat, veg, herbs, yum!

Lily's Kitchen foods are carefully formulated, prepared and cooked in small batches using human-grade ingredients. Fresh meat and fish are delivered daily. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, superfoods, whole grains (in some recipes) and other goodies complete the package. Each ingredient plays a role in keeping our pets healthy and happy.

Meals, fillers, additives, yuck!

What's missing is equally important. Lily's turn up their snout at meat meals, 'dried chicken', indigestible fillers, derivatives, by-products, wheat (a common allergen) and the 400+ artificial additives permitted in commercial pet foods, including preservatives, flavourings, sweeteners, flavour enhancers, colourings, and large quantities of sugar and salt. Processed pet foods tend to be high in fat, a cheap filler. If food is not nutritionally satisfying, dogs and cats can still feel hungry, in spite of a high calorie intake. This can lead either to constant hunger or to over-feeding in a futile attempt to satisfy their appetites, thus piling on the pounds...

In contrast, the only lipids in Lily's Kitchen are healthy fats from whole foods and omega-3-rich salmon oil. The wide variety of dog- and cat-specific ingredients and herbs in Lily's foods offers a broad range of nutrients and phytochemicals to satisfy a pet's appetite nutritionally and build good health.

We are what we eat ... and so are they!

The guiding principle behind Lily's Kitchen foods is that we are what we eat, pets included! Good food is the foundation of good health. For pets, eating well leads, over time, to a healthier coat, better immunity, better digestion and far fewer, if any, stink bombs! Lily's Kitchen foods cost more than processed foods. It might seem barking to fork out for top nosh but Henrietta has received lots of feedback from people whose pets not only look and feel better but no longer need frequent trips to the vet. So it could be a case of swings and roundabouts...

Lily's Kitchen dog and cat foods are available from The Hopsack. 


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