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Four Sigma - lion's mane mushroom elixir mix

Jane Health
  • Four Sigma - lion's mane mushroom elixir mix

What did you try?

Four Sigma - lion's mane mushroom elixir mix

Had you considered this product before?

I get frequent training on the health benefits of mushrooms, as The Hopsack specialises in them. I took a particular interest in Lion’s Mane, as it is said to help improve cognitive function and ease anxiety. With exam time around the corner, it was well worth trying!

How was it?

There were immediate effects on my concentration levels. It genuinely helped me to work for longer periods and better focus. It has also benefited me in the longer term. I feel less anxious; perhaps because I am getting more work done and it’s of a better quality. I feel that I can hold my train of thought more easily when I have taken lion's mane.

How often did you use it?

Every other day, for 5 weeks

What did you like most?

I really enjoyed the flavour, so it comes with the added benefit of being a comforting coffee alternative for me!

Would you recommend it? If so, why?

Yes - It’s a healthy alternative to coffee and it had a positive effect on my concentration and anxiety levels.


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