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OK รขย€ยฆ I'm not actually saying doctors are dangerous รขย€ย“ not all of them, at any rate! Having grown up among old-school medics, I know just how caring and knowledgeable they can be; and having found myself less than a millimetre away from death last summer, I have the greatest respect and gratitude (needless to say!) for the surgeons who put me back together. No, I'm referring to a web site called It was created by former Hollywood actress Elaine Hollingsworth (aka Sara Shane), whose interest in natural health was sparked when veteran screen star Gloria Swanson warned her against eating chocolate mousse at a banquet. Explaining how bad the luscious morsel would be for her liver, Swanson ignited in the younger woman a passion not only for high-level health but also for courageous and vociferous campaigning against health-destroying elements in the pharmaceutical industry and medical profession. Based in the Antipodes, Elaine is director of the Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia, a natural healing centre based on Ann Wigmore's wheatgrass and living foods programme. (See for further information on Ann Wigmore, living foods, wheatgrass, etc.) Over the years I have discovered in Elaine's web site a font of knowledge. It has forced me to rethink lots of things, not only about medicine and Big Pharma but also about health foods. In her book, Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry, she challenges received wisdom on many topics. Are soya products good for you? Her chapter entitled 'The Abominable Bean' might suggest not! Are linseed and other polyunsaturated oils healthy, as we have been led to believe, or do they suppress the immune system? And are grains truly the staff of life, or more akin to a walking stick? The book also offers a wealth of information on how to keep yourself healthy in a toxic world and addresses certain diseases, such as thyroid imbalance, osteoporosis, cancer and Alzheimer's, which assail people every day. If you are interested in learning more, you can download Chapter One of the latest (11th) edition of her book via the following link: The tone of Elaine's writing is refreshingly blunt. She is unafraid to stick her head above the parapet to share her findings and seems to have encountered a fair amount of axe-sharpening from mainstream media and others interested in reducing her voice to a whisper. As web sites go, is not hard to navigate. I find, however, that there is more information in each section than the button might suggest, so it's worth clicking on everything. The Hippocrates Health Centre button, for example, leads to a whole new web site containing further information, while her 'Aldara' section launches a blistering attack on a salve used for skin cancers that sports particularly dangerous 'side' effects, such as death. Elaine's book, Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry, is available to buy through To download an e-book version costs AUD$30 (just over รขย‚ยฌ15). Clearly, if you go this route, you will not have to suffer delays or postage charges. You can also buy a hard copy (which I kinda find more satisfying to handle) but you'll have to factor in shipping costs from Down Under. If you are interested in learning more about natural approaches to healing, protecting your body-mind from the modern world and taking more responsibility for your own health, Elaine's web site and book are, in my view, excellent places to start your quest. And Now To YOU...! Are there any web sites / links you have found useful, or would recommend, when it comes to protecting and enhancing the health of your mind-body-spirit? If so, we'd love to hear about them. Just post us a reply below... :D Rhoda-Mary Posts: 33 Joined: Tue Feb 12, 2008 2:29 pm Top

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