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Our basic philosophy on health food and natural healthcare, is that it shouldn't be more expensive to eat natural foods and live a healthy life. We think we do an OK job, but we're always striving to improve.  Whether it's ensuring our basic organic produce prices compete with a decent non-organic options, or sticking tins of organic beans on the shelf at prices that make vegetarian family cooking a financially realistic goal. 

With our coffee pricing we've always had this same strategy.  To bring phenomenal, organic and/or small holding boutique coffee to our community, at prices that compete with the worst quality cups out there.  We've managed to hold these prices fairly consistently since we started serving coffee nearly 8 years ago.

So finally after absorbing a good few price increases from our suppliers it's time to pass on a small percentage of this to you guys in the form of a 30c price increase across our entire coffee offering from Saturday 5th May - sorry! 

But wait!  If you're upset about this (and to be honest I presume some of you will be) you can mitigate this entire price hike if you bring your own cup into us for refills.  Yup for real!  Stash keep-cup in bag, still pay ridiculously cheap prices for wickedly good coffee!!

It's another way we're trying to help support the zero waste movement. 

Thanks for your continued support!


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