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Biocare – bioacidophilus forte

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  • Biocare – bioacidophilus forte

What did you try? 

Biocare – Bioacidophilus Forte

Had you considered this product before?

I had been struggling with Candida symptoms, so I wanted to rebalance my gut bacteria.

I generally like to alter my probiotics. Acidophilus is a type of bacteria which can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and I had researched a lot about it, finding that is one of the best bacteria supplement supporting Candida overgrowth and the digestive symptom. 

It also contains a prebiotic, which feeds the bacteria and it has a high potency of bacteria.

How often did you use it?

I took one capsule in the morning every day, with breakfast.

How was it?

It helped me with my gastrointestinal symptoms, especially bloating and diarrhoea. 

It comes in capsule form, an easy way to take it. However, you need to keep it sealed (it has a rubber lid that seals perfectly the bottle) in the fridge.

What did you like most?

It also supports our immune system by maintaining a good level of gut bacteria. So, I feel supported going into the winter months!

Would you recommend it, and why?

Yes, it's not the cheapest, however, it helped me when nothing else would. I would happily recommend to others.



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