A treat from us to you

A treat from us to you….from the other side of the planet!!

Alright, we know – it’s neither PC nor in our interest to compromise our environment just to bring you something special, but just this once we decided to make an exception. We have got hold of three beatiful hamper boxes from the nice people at Green Bay Harvest and rather than ransom them to the highest bidder (tempting!) we decided to give them away to you who chose to take the time to read this little slot (that was worthwhile, eh?).

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win one of these gorgeous hampers is e-mail us giving your name, address and phone number, simple! Winners will be notified by e-mail at the latest on the 21st December to give you enough time to decide who will be the lucky recipient of your generous Christmas spirit – oh what? you’re keeping it all to yourself?!….Each hamper contains a tub of organic barley leaf powder, one of mixed kelp and sea salt harvested from New Zealand’s pristine waters, a jar of high strength, organic manuka honey and a bottle of ‘honegar’ – an ancient blend of manuka honey and organic, unfiltered cider vinegar with a few more goodies thrown in for good measure.

Oh and best of all – these guys don’t like airplanes either, choosing to transport only via land and sea in order to reduce carbon emissions so you can enter this competition with a clean conscience, phew!

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