7 Ways to Boost Energy and Get Rid of Fatigue

With the days growing colder and the effects of the pandemic still impacting our lives, it is only normal even for the most active people to feel out of energy and be taken over by a sluggish feeling.

If you’ve been groggy while you should be tackling work, you are not alone. But there is no need to worry because you came across the right article! We bring you easy, natural and effective solutions to get your energy levels back up and return to your productive self.

Drink plenty of water

The power of proper hydration is never-ending, and when it comes to fighting fatigue, it may well be your biggest ally. One of the most common causes of fatigue is dehydration. Once your bloodstream runs short on water, your brain becomes foggy, short-term memory suffers, and you’ll experience dizziness.

Drinking at least the recommended daily amount of water is great but if you go by the rule of thumb – drink whenever you’re thirsty – you should be well on your way to boost your energy levels. Another great tip is to drink a healthy cup of water first thing in the morning to set your day right and replenish your H2O levels.

Sipp some green tea

Green tea is the perfect solution for those who don’t like coffee or experience some kind of  side effects like coffee jitters  or that post-coffee crash. If that is your case, you can replace your cup of coffee with a tasty green tea when you’re looking for an energy refresh.

The caffeine crash in green tea is one of the mildest, and is non-noticeable to most. It is a great way to supply you with antioxidants which benefit your body in many ways including sustainable weight loss, reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases as well as, crucially, improving the brain’s function which will come in handy during those afternoon energy crashes.

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Work out to work on

Exercising when you’re feeling tired may seem contradictory, but a workout will pump you up with some more energy by forcing oxygen to flow through your cells and in turn, making you more focused and alert. Take a good half an hour to an hour, whatever your schedule allows, for a routine workout. Place it near the time of day where you feel that sluggishness coming, and it will act as a catalyst for your energy.

Start your day the right way

From the moment you get out of bed, you have to start your day right. A nutritious and balanced breakfast will go down as a treat and provide you with an excellent energy source to kickstart your day. Nutrition experts recommend a healthy supply of whole grains, protein sources and fruits and vegetables as the recipe to avoid morning slumps.

Put into practical terms, you can mix it up by making oatmeal with sprinkled nuts or a veggie omelette sided by a whole grain toast or Kefir natural yoghurt and fruit, whatever your taste buds feel like.

Eat some nuts

When you’re in the middle of putting in your afternoon’s shift and start feeling your energy levels going down, nuts can be your saviour. Having some nuts as a snack is an excellent idea as they’re rich in magnesium and folic acid, essential for generating energy while keeping low glycaemic levels. The latter part means you’ll have a reliable means of energy yet, by avoiding sugars, you’ll do without the energy peaks and crashes that haunt many people.

Manage your sleep better

A consistent sleep cycle will do marvels when it comes to getting a healthy energy level. Have a try at getting in and out of bed, at the same times every day, at regular hours if possible, while restricting your naps to early afternoon.

Catch some sun

You may be at home, but you don’t have to be in a deep darkness 24/7. Go outside or near a window for a few minutes at a time and enjoy some sun, this will enhance your mood by boosting the serotonin levels in your brain, making you way more energetic and focused. Moreover, getting some sun in the early morning will also aid in regulating your sleep routine.