Monthly Archives: November 2020

Honey Proven to Do More for Your Cough Than Antibiotics

Used in traditional medicine for centuries, honey has finally been recognised by scientists as a better alternative to a more conventional medication when it comes to sore throats, irritating coughs and common colds. A recent study from the Oxford University has shown that a spoonful of honey has antimicrobial properties and is excellent for treating […]

Tried & Tested: Chaga Mushroom Supplement Capsules, Mushrooms 4 Life

Chaga Mushroom Supplement, Capsules from Mushrooms 4 Life Why I chose it: well, for the last few months i noticed that my immunity dropped, like everybody i have few weak points where i noticed that i'm not in best shape. For example i had gynecological problems, more precisely fungal inflammation, very often small colds, few […]