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The Hidden Gem

Taken and adapted from Kathy's Article in 2017, Two Babies And A Peanut Butter Machine I found the peanut butter machine extraordinary from day one working in the shop.  I would stand mesmerised watching the butter gently oozing from this Willy Wonka type mill.  A wondrous machine, I thought.  Radiating an alchemy and transforming this simple food into something quite […]

Blog Revisited: Nicky Halliday’s ‘Mood Boosting Pancakes’

Vietnamese Pancakes With Curried Crispy Tofu & Chilli Almond Dipping Sauce By former Head Chef of The Hopsack Deli and Kitchen, Nicky Halliday, 2008. This colourful, mouthwatering dish has many nutritional benefits: – It is high in fibre, good fats, antioxidants & anti-inflammatories. – Tofu, almonds & eggs are all high in tryptophan, an essential […]