Monthly Archives: January 2018

Finn’s Q&A – is all sugar bad for you?

Sugar – it’s a sticky mess.  We’re told we should lay off the golden syrup, but that maple syrup’s fine, that we should steer clear of chocolate, except the dark stuff, or the ones sweetened with xylitol, and that our kids will explode if they eat too many jellies, but they can mainline dates and […]

The Traveller’s Toolkit – Wandering Into Wellness

Wandering Into Wellness A series of podcasts with Finn Murray and Lydia Sasse – filmed out-and-about in areas of natural beauty. Conversations about health and wellness. Interviews with people who inspire them.  Finn and Lydia discuss everything from sex to travelling in these fun and information-packed podacsts. You can contact if you have any topic you would like to see […]